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How does iLeasing work?

Select your new frames and customize your lenses, much like you would if you were buying.

Then at checkout, select iLease, and we perform some simple math:

A 20% initial payment, 60% split into twelve, interest-free monthly payments, with 20% left over at the end as a “buyback” payment.

As an example, let’s say you iLease a pair of glasses valued at $300.

  • Your 20% initial payment is $60.
  • Then you pay $15 per month for 12 months.
  • Then your buyback payment, due on the 13th month, is $60. But you have some options at the end of the lease!

What are your options at the end of the lease period?

  • Keep the glasses you own and we’ll simply process the buyback payment. Done, they’re yours!
  • Choose to lease a new pair (and keep the old pair) and receive 50% off the buyback payment. A 10% discount off the old pair, and the start of a new lease!
  • Or, return the glasses and we will automatically cancel the buyback payment. Yours for one year at 20% off the purchase cost!


If you decide at any time during your leasing period that you’d like to upgrade to a new pair, Trade-Ins are easy too!

Log in to your iLook account using your email and the password you set up when you made a purchase. Then, when you check out, you’ll see any pair you’re currently leasing listed under Trade-In.

Select the pair you’d like to return, and process the iLease payment normally. You’ll be charged a new 20% initial payment, and your new trade terms will appear when you confirm your order (you can view them in your Order History as well).

Payments on your old order will automatically be paused. When the new pair arrives, a return label will be included. Simply return your old pair within two weeks of receiving the new ones, and your new iLease begins!

Shipping & Returns

At iLook, we believe shipping should never be a hassle. We offer FREE shipping to anywhere in the continental United States using U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

All purchased or leased products are eligible for return within the first 30 days of product delivery date. To make a return, log in to “My Account,” find your order and follow the instructions under “Return items from this order.”

When you have processed your return, a return label will be created. Simply send us back your product, and we will complete your refund.

If you have any questions or issues with the return process, please call us at (212) 625-3999, or email us at

More FAQs

What type of lenses do you offer?

We have three different weight lenses: Regular, Super-Thin, and Ultra-Thin. All lenses come with AntiReflective technology.

What prescriptions do each lens type cover?

Only the following prescriptions will be covered by each lens type.

  • Regular: +2.50 to -3.50, cyl up to -2.00
  • Super-Thin: +3.50 to -6.00, cyl up to -3.00
  • Ultra-Thin: +4.00 to -10.00, cyl up to -3.00

Additionally, Regular lenses may not be available with certain styles.

What if I break my glasses?

We’ll exchange them during the iLeasing period at no extra cost.

Are there any prescription glasses on the website or in store that are excluded from iLeasing?

Nope! Non-Rx pairs, however, are excluded.

What about contact lenses?

Contact Lenses are not eligible for iLeasing.

What if I miss a payment?

Your card is charged automatically every month. If your card is declined, we’ll notify you right away. You’ll have until the end of the payment cycle to make the iLease payment, with no additional charge.

What if I need to change the credit card I use for iLeasing?

You can make this change by logging in and selecting Edit Account under the My Account menu.

What if I lose the glasses I’m leasing?

We can’t be held responsible if you lose your glasses. You’ll have to finish out the terms of the lease. However, you can begin a new iLease right away.

What if my glasses start to feel uncomfortable?

Come by one of our stores for a free adjustment.

When will my glasses arrive?

Our turnaround time for glasses is 10 days. Some orders that require additional work or sending for custom parts may take longer; we will contact you if your glasses will require a little more time.